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    Coordinated Entry System (CES), is a requirement for all HUD Continuums of Care (CoCs) as established by the HEARTH Act. It paves the way for more efficient homeless assistance systems by:

    1. Helping people move through the system faster (by reducing the amount of time people spend
      moving from program to program before finding the right match);
    2. Reducing new entries into homelessness (by consistently offering prevention and diversion
      resources upfront, reducing the number of people entering the system unnecessarily); and
    3. Improving data collection and quality and providing accurate information on what kind of assistance
      consumers need.

    Coordinated Entry is one essential piece of a broader housing crisis resolution system that rapidly returns people who experience homelessness to stable housing. Other elements include shifting investments towards interventions that achieve the best housing results and removing barriers such that there is an appropriate and effective housing intervention for everyone who needs one. This larger system re-design work ensures that once there is an accessible “front door” (the CE system), that doorway also leads to an appropriate housing exit for every homeless person.


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